The Council of Higher Education shall:

  1. work out the national concept for the development of higher education and higher educational establishments, envisaging the development of both state founded higher educational establishments and of those founded by legal entities, as well as promote equal and harmonised development of all kinds of higher educational establishments and of higher academic education as well as of higher professional education;
  2. work out long term plans and proposals for development of education and research within the system of higher education;
  3. work out proposals to raise the quality of research activities of higher educational establishments, the qualifications of the staff and of the study programmes;
  4. forecast the number of students necessary for the country in general and works out proposals regarding the number of students financed from the state budget in each branch;
  5. work out proposals regarding change of structure of higher educational establishments in the country;
  6. work out proposals regarding the number of professors in higher educational establishments and recommendations on other issues related to higher education;
  7. work out proposals on improvement of higher education and payment of tuition fees;
  8. submit to the Minister of Higher Education and Science and to the Cabinet of Ministers an assessment on the prepared project of state budget for financing of higher educational establishments;
  9. adopt decisions on accreditation of higher educational establishments at large and submit them to the Ministry of Education and Science for approval;
  10. maintain contacts with institutions of other countries which are in charge of issues of higher education.